Studying High-Risk Cancer Pedigrees

We ascertain and recruit high-risk pedigrees identified in the Utah Population Database, or UPDB, which combines computerized genealogies of Utah with statewide medical data (e.g. Utah Cancer Registry from 1966, Utah Death Certificates from 1904, UUHSC diagnosis and procedure coding from 1994).

We are active in gene identification efforts for prostate cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, Ewing sarcoma, pancreas cancer, and lung cancer.  

We have stored over 35,000 DNAs from informative members of thousands of high-risk pedigrees for many phenotypes.

Learn more about the Utah Population Database (UPBD) or read how the UPBD helped identify inherited colon cancer risk in HCI’s 2011 Annual Report.


The Cannon-Albright Group is funded almost entirely by external sources including these agencies: