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Huntsman Cancer Institute makes a significant investment in recruiting junior faculty to the University of Utah (U of U) and mentoring them after their arrival. Recruitments are made in partnership with individual U of U academic departments. Each new faculty member is assigned 1-2 mentors to assist them with accessing resources and building collaborations. Junior faculty also have a number of campus-wide resources.

Huntsman Cancer Institute Career Development Opportunities

American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant (ACS-IRG)

Provides seed funds for junior faculty with a cancer focused project. Funding is provided from a broad set of disciplines including basic science, translational research, and population science. Each award cycle, four selected applicants will receive $30,000.

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Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program (GMAP)

GMAP hosts a monthly, cross-regional cohort where postdocs come together.

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Trainee Grant Repository

A collection of funded K & F grant applications written by trainees. If you are a current trainee applying for a K or F award, and want to see writing samples from funded applications, you may request to view them by contacting us.

University of Utah Career Development Opportunities

The KL2 Scholar Program

The KL2 Scholar Program offers training for mentored research and career development support for junior clinical investigators. Its goal is to stimulate innovative research initiatives and career development. The program is tailored to the needs of each scholar and offers didactic education, mentored research, interdisciplinary seminars, and team-building experiences. The overall goal is to foster translational research on clinically relevant questions enabling basic science findings to be more rapidly applied to clinical problems. The length of the program is 1-2 years.

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The CCTS K-Club

The CCTS K-Club is a monthly lunch meeting for early-career clinical and translational researchers. Each meeting features a speaker who is preparing a grant application or an independent research project proposal. The speaker presents to a group of peers and senior investigators and receives feedback. This is a safe environment for those early in their research careers to benefit from the expertise of senior investigators who want them to be successful. It also provides a venue for peer investigators to learn from each other. Senior faculty from U of U Health Sciences are regular participants.

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CCTS Grant Writing Course

The CCTS Grant Writing Course is a one-semester training course for investigators writing their first proposals for federal funding. Investigators receive support as they write and edit their applications. A complete application, suitable for submission, is the primary objective of the course.

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The K to Research Success Program


This program supports faculty members applying for first-time R01 grants or equivalent funding. A foundation of the program is the R01 writing group, a comprehensive, six-month program utilizing a multi-faceted approach to provide tools and knowledge needed to write a successful R01 or equivalent application. Proposal sections are reviewed and critiqued by peers and mentors. The mock study sections include senior reviewers from the CCTS community who have NIH funding and study section experience.

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