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Research Finds Little Progress on Worldwide Blindness in a Decade

Researchers including the John A. Moran Eye Center’s Mary Elizabeth Hartnett, MD, are identifying the scope of the problem as outreach experts like Moran’s Jeff Pettey, MD, work to solve it. Sobering new statistics released by the Global Burden of Disease study found no significant reduction in the number of people ...

Program Nationally Recognized for Setting American Indian Students on Career Paths in Science and Medicine

NARI 2019 A University of Utah Health Department of Pediatrics program that supports academic, career, and personal development of American Indian / Alaska Native (AI/AN) undergraduates from across the country has received recognition from the National Indian Health Board. The National Impact Award honors individuals and organizations whose work has made an ...

Health Care Transformation

Transparency and Trust – Online Patient Reviews of Physicians

(January 19, 2017) Examining review site giant Yelp’s entrance into health care, University of Utah Health Care CEO Vivian Lee, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., says transparent, validated data about health care system performance “has the power to change the culture of health care.” The question is, how should information be shared, and by whom.

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She’s Calling for a Health Care Revolution. The Radical First Step: Listen to Patients.

(October 17, 2016) During the past decade, University of Utah Health Care has “repeatedly challenged the conventions of medical care and upended the relationships between doctors and patients,” Casey Ross reports. Now CEO Vivian Lee, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., is calling for another revolution: defining value according to terms that matter to patients.

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The U’s Health Care System – the World is Paying Attention

(October 10, 2016) “There’s something extraordinary going on at the University of Utah Health Care system that’s promising to revolutionize the way medical care is priced and delivered not only here, but throughout the world – and the world is paying attention,” wrote the Deseret News editorial board in recognizing University of Utah Health Care’s top ranking in the nation for quality.

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Since 2012, Algorithms for Innovation has been asking questions and searching for solutions to some of the most impossible problems facing health care today. We believe there's an unprecedented opportunity to invent a new vision for health care, and academic medicine is poised to lead the way. Algorithms for Innovation is designed to spark conversations, highlight best practices, and foster collaboration to help transform the future.



COVID-19 Weekly Update, March 2, 2021

One year ago, we admitted our first COVID patient to U of U Hospital ICU. This week, we vaccinated our first U of U Health patient at the Redwood Health Center. These two sentences are a testament to you all, your dedication to your community, your compassion for one another, your commitment to science, and your resiliency in showing up every day, and doing your absolute best. Declining coronavirus trends continue throughout the state. We must keep up our vaccination and public health efforts.

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Empowering Others to Live a Healthy Life

Newly appointed Chief Wellness Officer Amy Locke, MD, continues to champion the important programs and services that drive the health and well-being of our health care teams, our patients, and the community we serve. Her vision for the future focuses on preventive medicine, social determinants of health, clinical integration of wellness services, and connection to purpose.

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COVID-19 Weekly Update, February 23, 2021

With vaccinations and the continued public health actions of masking, washing hands, staying home when sick, and keeping physical distance, fewer than one in 159 Utahns has an active case of coronavirus. Fortunately, hospitalizations and deaths also continue to decline across our state. To date, about nine percent of all Utahns are vaccinated, including nearly 70 percent of Utahns 70 and older.

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COVID-19 Weekly Update, February 16, 2021

We continue to see sustained declines in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19. Thanks to Governor Cox and our legislators, the state continues to successfully roll out vaccinations, with about 60 percent of all Utahns over the age of 70 having been vaccinated. However, between vaccinations and recovered cases, immunity to coronavirus appears to be lower than expected statewide so continued masking, hand washing, social distancing, and staying home when sick are critical.

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In Utah, you can truly have it all. Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas offer newcomers diverse neighborhoods, great schools, arts and entertainment, and endless possibilities for sports and recreation. A strong economy and low cost of living make Utah a perfect choice to call home.

University of Utah Health Sciences

University of Utah Health is an economic engine unlike any other in Utah. With more than 14,000 faculty and staff it is one of the state's largest employers and contributes millions of dollars in net tax revenue to Utah every year. But University of Utah Health's impact goes beyond the balance sheet. Its bottom line includes the health and well being of Utah residents in every corner of the state and from all walks of life.

University of Utah Health is the only university health care system in the state of Utah and provides patient care for the people of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and much of Nevada. It is also the training ground for most of Utah's physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, and other health care professionals.

Named as one of theTop 10 in QualityBy University Health System Consortium for ten years in a row

Named the No. 1 hospital in Utah by U.S. News and World Report

Half our providers rank in the top 10%, and a quarter rank in the top 1% for patient satisfaction

Health Sciences Received$270 Million In GrantsDuring Fiscal Year 2015