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Our world-class research is advancing knowledge and transforming clinical practice to improve health.

Advancing Science and Medicine

As a large academic medical center set within the thriving University of Utah campus, U of U Health is uniquely positioned to tackle complex issues in our society. With scientists down the hall from health care providers and across campus from scholars in diverse fields, we bring interdisciplinary groups together. When we combine their broad scientific expertise with the large clinical footprint of our health system, we benefit our community, the nation, and the world.

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Discovery and Innovation at University of Utah Health

From pioneering personalized medicine treatments to developing drugs to combat HIV to innovating precision genome editing tools, scientist at U of U Health are changing how science is done. Pioneering the Future celebrates recent field-changing discoveries and high-impact innovations from our researchers.

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Science that Inspires

Learn how science at U of U Health is changing our world.


Time-Restricted Eating to Manage Obesity

Amandine Chaix, PhD, researches the molecular mechanisms of time-restricted eating and body weight control in order to develop new therapeutics to manage obesity and related metabolic dysfunction.

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Diabetes & Metabolism initiative

The Utah Diabetes and Metabolism Research Center catalyzes scientific innovation to improve metabolic health by unifying researchers, educators, clinicians, and trainees to understand the metabolic underpinnings of diabetes and related diseases. We develop state-of-the-art interventions to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

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