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Pioneering the Future

At University of Utah Health, we’re always asking, “What’s next?” Our thinking jumps off the page and into lives. Pioneering the Future: Stories of Discovery and Innovation tells stories of high-impact research that is advancing knowledge and improving the health and well-being of people in Utah and beyond. Click buttons in the section below to learn about leading edge research at U of U Health.

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Explore How U Of U Health Is Pioneering The Future

Improving Health for Populations

Advancing Heart Health

Medical Advances Inspired by Nature

Innovation at U of U Health

Tools to Combat COVID-19

Developing Better Targeted Cancer Therapies

Protecting Health Through Prevention

Advancing Clinical Care

Addressing Diabetes Complications

Improving Women's Health

From Lab Discovery to Bedside

New Ways of Thinking About Neurological Disorders

New Techniques to Reach New Frontiers

Learning How the Body is Built

Harnessing the Power of the Immune System

Demystifying Viruses to Better Target Infectious Disease

Adjusting Metabolism to Tune Up the Cell’s Engines

Uncovering Root Causes of Disease

DNA Discoveries for Better Health

Understanding Cancer From its Beginnings

Redefining Diabetes

Bringing Scientific Insights into Focus

Advancing Translational Science

Listen to the Pioneering the Future Podcast

In partnership with The Scope at University of Utah Health, Pioneering the Future is also a podcast. Each month, scientists whose research is featured in Pioneering the Future stories join to discuss their area of research and shine a light on why it is important in the landscape of health sciences research.

Inspired by Nature

In this episode, Margo Haygood, PhD and Eric Schmidt, PhD join the discussion.

Better Health for Populations

In this episode, Rachel Hess, MD and Adam Bress, PhD join the discussion.


From Basic Discovery to Bedside

In this episode, Wesley Sundquist, PhD joins the discussion.


Redefining Diabetes

In this episode, Scott Summers, PhD joins the discussion.

The Discovery and Innovation Digital Collection

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