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Education & Training in Research

Training Tomorrow's Innovators

Here at University of Utah Health, we are committed to developing the next generation of leaders in biomedical research. We provide top quality education and training and an invigorating scientific atmosphere that equips our trainees with the tools to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We augment that foundation with a supportive environment that provides skills for attaining fulfilling careers in science.

We believe that diversity in thought and lived experience are critical for pushing the boundaries of knowledge and arriving at novel solutions. Our training programs hold inclusive practices as a central philosophy and we strive to create equitable opportunities for all.

A Wealth of Research and Educational Opportunities

Anyone with a passion for improving health and wellness, health care, and uncovering basic knowledge can find a U of U Health graduate program that will prepare them for a successful career. Our graduate and postdoctoral trainees go on to become trail blazers in fields ranging from nursing science to occupational therapy to medicinal chemistry to genetics.

U of U Health has the following schools and colleges:

Each hosts quality educational programs with robust research funding and opportunities alongside outstanding faculty and staff. We offer multiple PhD programs, including interdisciplinary and focused departmental programs, along with a MD-PhD, PharmD-PhD, and DNP-PhD research programs. In all, there are 27 graduate programs based in, or affiliated with, the academic schools and colleges at U of U Health.

As students and trainees pursue their research, they can rely on unparalleled expertise and support from the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, one of seven regional medical libraries nationwide.

A Thriving Community

We know that being an undergraduate, graduate student or postdoctoral scientist in a top research program isn’t enough. In a time of increasing competition, we’ve invested in making sure that our trainees succeed. We host a diverse array of institutional training grants and support individual applications for predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowships that provide valuable experience and prestige. Our mentored programs, including programs to enhance diversity, give trainees the support and skills they need to stand out.

We've built an environment where students and trainees do more than learn. They succeed.

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