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Research Strategy


Strategy Vision

The research conducted in Health Sciences at the University of Utah Health will positively transform the well-being of people in the State of Utah and beyond with discoveries and innovations that advance clinical care.  

Strategy Mission

The mission of University of Utah Health Sciences research strategy is to improve human health by advancing knowledge, and transforming clinical practice.  Our research efforts are further amplified by our strong collaborative culture and through synergy with our other core missions - clinical care, education, and community engagement. These strengths position us well to increase the innovation, impact, and value of our research efforts to improve human health.

As a part of our overall research strategy, we have identified 10 specific goals with corresponding implementation tactics. You can review an overview of the research strategy (including goals and tactics) or learn detailed information in the action plans.

Health Sciences Research Strategy Overview

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Strategy Goals

  • Our transformative translational research improves human health and distinguishes the university through research funding, national recognition, and national rankings.

  • Well-planned, state-of-the-art research spaces and instrumentation enable our researchers to be on the cutting-edge of discovery and innovation.

  • Create a climate, culture, and opportunities where faculty, graduate trainees, students, and staff can share their diverse perspectives and lived experiences while valuing those of others.

  • Provide opportunities, connections, and the structure for exceptional training, mentorship, and career advancement.

  • A culture of collaboration weaves our translational health sciences research community together and fosters innovative team science that accelerates breakthrough discoveries to advance human health.

  • Financial structures and conscientious stewardship of research funds incentivize activities that align with our research mission, values, and goals.


Strategic Imperatives

Three vital strategic imperatives drive our strategy and directed steps. Support and Strengthen Our Personnel emphasizes our commitment to developing and empowering our team of faculty and staff, recognizing their vital role in our success. Building for Growth reflects our dedication to creating a sustainable and scalable infrastructure that can adapt and expand to meet future demands. Lastly, Innovative Research Culture encapsulates our pursuit of pioneering research and collaboration, fostering a dynamic environment that propels us to the forefront of discovery.

Strategic Imperatives Graphic

2024 Directed Steps

Health Sciences Research Strategy

As with all research, we view this strategy as living, iterative, and occurring in phases. We identified three overarching goals with corresponding implementation tactics that we felt could be accomplished within a year. Each year we identify new implementation tactics.

We strive to set a strong and steady course for the research mission, while remaining dynamic enough to continually evaluate and, as appropriate, rebalance our research efforts to optimize institutional growth and leverage emerging areas of importance.

Research Strategy Action Plans

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