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Health Sciences Research Council

Overview of HSRC

The Health Sciences Research Council (HSRC) is an advisory body made up of University of Utah Health Sciences faculty responsible for guiding and implementing the research strategy within the Health Sciences. The HSRC is composed of a group of faculty members who are appointed for a two-year term. HSRC members are chosen for their experience, expertise, and leadership in research, as well as their ability to represent the interests of the Health Sciences community.

HSRC Stewardship of the Strategy

  • Advise the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences and executive 
leadership, as requested, on broad institutional matters related to research and strategy. 
  • Develop mechanisms for establishing, implementing and assessing Health Sciences 
research priorities and investments 
  • Develop and implement a 5-year strategy for the health sciences research 
  • Provide robust feedback 
  • Engage other members of the University of Utah research community as needed to ensure we are well representing all areas of the mission  

The goal of the HSRC is to support the Health Sciences community in achieving its strategic research goals and making a positive impact on the world through impactful, innovative research. We believe our experienced HSRC members, along with our commitment to collaboration and communication, are essential to achieving this goal.

We invite you to learn more about HSRC members and the research strategy by exploring our strategy website including the action plans. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the research strategy, please contact Jeremy Franklin.




Chris Hill

Rachel Hess


Alana Welm

Alfred Cheung

Amanda Bakian

Andrea Wallace

Bob Silver

David Grainger


Heather Keenan

James Cox

Jamie Dwyer

Jennifer Majersik

Julie Fritz

Matthew Rondina


Peter Jensen  

Randall Peterson

Richard Dorsky

Satoshi Minoshima

Theresa Werner

Wes Sundquist


Ex Officio Members

Amy Tanner

Bridget Hughes

Grant Lasson

Ryan Robinson (7/19)