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Message from the Associate Vice President for Research

Promote Discovery, Innovation, & Methods of Enhancing Translation to Advance Health and Wellness

Rachel Hess, MD, MS

Associate Vice President for Research

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Welcome to the Health Sciences Research Website. I invite you to take a moment to explore our website to learn more about the:

The health sciences research community is making major scientific advances, and due to advances in technology, are poised to make even more discoveries in a broad range of areas ranging from understanding the genetic basis of rare or complex chronic diseases to learning the complex web of socio-economic and environmental factors which influence health and disease. 

At U of U Health, we are privileged to work among a community of researchers who are passionate about improving human health. Our collaborative work environment is conducive to the team-based approaches required to understand basic mechanisms of disease, and to improve methods of translating scientific discoveries to favorably impacting patients’ lives in efficient and effective manner. This is evident in our Initiatives, Centers, and Institutes, as well as numerous research teams which embody, support, and promote these ideals.

As I look around our health sciences center, the foothills rise to the mountains and into the sky. I am inspired by our ongoing work and excited for the discoveries yet to come. I am grateful for the opportunity to support the efforts of those focused on furthering the pursuit of research excellence at U of U Health.