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Sundance Sponsorship

Official Health & Wellness Sponsor of Sundance Film Festival 2022

Girl in Snow Wearing Sundance Beanie

University of Utah Health is proud to announce the sixth year of its partnership with Sundance Film Festival as the festival's Official Health & Wellness Sponsor.

In this second virtual year of the festival, U of U Health offers a series of digital initiatives under the Festival Wellness Hub umbrella. This gives Sundance Film Festival team members, volunteers, partners, and attendees alike help to minimize stress and maximize health during the Festival.

New Narratives in Health: Meet Me Where I am

Adolphus at Clinic

On Friday, January 28, University of Utah Health premiered Meet Me Where I Am, a documentary short film directed by award-winning filmmakers Ross Kauffman, André Robert Lee, and Robin Honan.

The film (which you can stream below) follows Adolphus Nickleberry (pictured above, right, with Kay McMahon, PA-C) on his journey at U of U Health's Intensive Outpatient Clinic as he rewrites his story with help from compassionate providers. Overcoming the ripples of health disparities and racism that last generations while surviving the loss of his parents and a lifetime of substance abuse, Adolphus looks to the future, relishing time spent with his family. "That's the best love in the world," he says. "It's like a gift given back to me."

Following the premiere of Meet Me Where I Am, U of U Health convened a panel discussion with the filmmakers, Adolphus, and his care team to discuss how the IOC's innovative approach to population health helped Adolphus regain his health. 

The panel, which you can stream below, features moderator and executive producer Joe Borgenicht; filmmakers Ross Kauffman, André Robert Lee, and Robin Honan; IOC providers Stacey Bank, MD, medical director of the IOC, and Christina Cackler, LCSW, clinical social worker at IOC; Richard Ferguson, MD, MBA, chief medical officer at Health Choice Utah and founder of non-profit group Black Physicians of Utah; and Patricia Aguayo, MD, MPH, medical director at Huntsman Mental Health Institute's Neurobehavior HOME and Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinics.

Bank shares highlights from the panel in a Good Notes blog published after the event.

Virtual Festival Wellness

Welcome to SFF22 Virtual Festival Wellness resources! To support festival staff, volunteers, filmmakers, and attendees during this online event, we've curated the following 10 videos to boost health and well-being. Click to watch the full playlists of yogamindfulness, and nutrition videos.

Day 1: Awareness of Breath

Ease into Sundance Film Festival and breathe easy in Utah's red rock canyons with this mindful exercise.

Day 2: Lower Back Stretch

Prepare for screenings and premieres by loosening up your lower back with this two-minute exercise.

Day 3: Watch Your Thoughts

Let your thoughts go by like a leaf on a Utah stream with this three-minute meditation. 

Day 4: Standing Yoga Flows

Recharge for the festival weekend with this two-minute standing flow. Your body deserves it! 

Day 5: Pineapple Salsa

Settle in for a full day of festival premieres with this healthy, easy snack.


Day 6: Self-Compassion Meditation

With Sundance Film Festival in its busiest stretch, show yourself some self-compassion.

Day 7: Open Up Your Hips

Legs feeling stiff after a long run of screenings? Loosen up with this simple two-minute exercise.

Day 8: Wash Your Anger Away

Reframe your intentions and regain control over your thoughts with this meditation.

Day 9: Seated Yoga Flow

Treat yourself to a three-minute flow aimed at gently regaining flexibility.


Day 10: Open Awareness Meditation

Another festival in the books! Embrace a fresh perspective with this calming two-minute exercise.