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Message From Michael L. Good, MD

Michael L. Good, MD

Institutions do not accomplish great things—it is the people in them who do. And the people of University of Utah Health are changing the training, practice, and delivery of health care in profound and meaningful ways.

U of U Health is full of remarkable leaders, teams, and individuals who continuously help patients conquer health challenges and learners master their educational programs—all while advancing the research and discoveries that lead to improvements in both. As a system and an organization, we are deeply committed to the health and wellness of our faculty, students, and staff, as well as of our community.

This is one of the strongest, most collegial public academic health centers in the nation. With tripartite missions of clinical care, research, and education all reporting to a single office, U of U Health is nimbler than many of our peers. We have a tremendous opportunity to serve our communities and region by working across our health system to innovate care that is accountable for outcomes, produce groundbreaking research, and develop novel educational models all in an inclusive culture of well-being and belonging.

Here in Utah, we share a deep belief in our core missions of patient care, research, education, and service to our communities. With a university campus co-located alongside the health system, we can positively collaborate with our communities and society at large. We were elected to the prestigious Association of American Universities in 2019 as a recognition of the world-class faculty, increasing research funding, and exceptional student outcomes at the University of Utah.

More importantly though, we share a deep belief in the people of U of U Health. I believe that when each of us works each day to help others achieve their success, a unique and powerful energy is unleashed that drives us forward in amazing ways. It is my privilege to work for the impressive faculty and staff at U of U Health—to be a part of an energized community on an impressive trajectory of excellence to improve health and quality of life in the state, region, nation, and world.

Michael L. Good, MD
Chief Executive Officer, University of Utah Health
Executive Dean, Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine
A. Lorris Betz Senior Vice President for Health Sciences

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