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First Patient Tests New Gene Therapy for AMD

Kristine Marcroft's father and uncle were blinded by the same disease: age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Then, at the age of 60, Marcroft began her own struggle as AMD began to take away her central vision.

Research Reveals How Heavy Metal Singers Scream

At the U's VAST LAb, scientists study the harsh vocals that characterize deathcore and other musical genres, revealing for the first time the complex internal acrobatics that produce these unique sounds.

Mental Health Challenges Persist for New Mothers

In Utah, 1 in 7 postpartum mothers report symptoms of perinatal mental health challenges, struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. So why hasn't perinatal mental health gotten the attention it deserves?

For the Love of Mothers

Many Utah mothers struggle with postpartum mental health. In our family-friendly state, are we caring for the caregivers?

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