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Preparing to Take Flight

It’s the persistence and dedication of employees like Valerie Cook that put University of Utah Health on Forbes’ list of Best Employers this year. Find out why Valerie puts up to 540 miles a week on her car to work as a nurse in our emergency room.

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Why Do You Work in Academic Medicine?

U of U Health aspires to be a place where patients want to come, where binding community partnerships are made, and where people want to work and train. Chief of Staff for Clinical Affairs, Dayle Benson, DHA, shares the values that motivate our clinical leaders in their work.

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Connecting to Our Primary Purpose

As we celebrate nine years among the nation’s Top 10 academic medical centers for quality and safety, Chief Medical Quality Officer Bob Pendleton, MD, reflects on the cultural evolution that is driving our deep commitment to improved patient care.

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Steps Toward a Common Vision

We have a unique opportunity to help our state prepare for exceptional growth, while leading the nation in innovative practices, discoveries, and transfers of knowledge.

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