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Innovation, Discovery, & Transformation: In-Depth Features

Beacon of Hope

Spinal Muscular Atrophy was devastating for infants and parents—until gene therapy developed at University of Utah Health and Intermountain Health changed everything.

A Look Back at 2023

Research at U of U Health made significant accomplishments over the past year, and as we head into 2024, our ingenuity continues to drive innovation that is building a healthier future.

Esta Es Mi Clínica

The greatest lesson that medical students learn while volunteering in a Midvale low-income clinic is compassion.

Esta Es Mi Clínica (Español)

La lección más importante, que aprenden los estudiantes de medicina como voluntarios en una clínica de bajos ingresos de Midvale, es la compasión.

Seeds of Change

Diabetes, food insecurity, and homelessness are inextricably linked. A small urban farm is transforming lives and finding solutions to these systemic problems.

For the Love of Mothers

Amid the pressures of parenthood, many Utah mothers struggle with postpartum mental health. In our family-friendly state, are we caring for the caregivers?

A Bridge to Recovery

Most patients addicted to opioids show up in the ER desperate for help. How do we coordinate care when a person needs it most?

Report to Our Community

As an academic medical center, one belief unites all 24,000 of us: We believe health can be better.

Community Co-Creation

Building a shared future in West Valley City by asking the question, "What does the community think?"

The Healer's Art

For advanced cancer surgeon Laura Lambert, hope is the best medicine

Trust as Currency

After a lifetime of struggles, Adolphus Nickleberry needed help. How the Intensive Outpatient Clinic builds relationships and changes lives.

A Change of Heart

Forty years after receiving the world’s first permanent artificial heart, Barney Clark's legacy continues to inspire cutting-edge cardiovascular research.

EDI Everywhere

More than 16 new leaders have joined University of Utah Health to champion equity work across the institution. These are a few of their stories.

Angels in the Sky

To tell the story of AirMed is to recognize past tragedies, today's safety culture, and the remarkable individuals who save lives with pride and humility.

The Dirt in Their Veins

For more than a decade, residents in remote southern Utah had no access to health care. Then, local leaders fought to open a clinic.

A Celebration of Life

Edward Bowersox Clark, MD, is remembered at the University of Utah by those who knew him as an inspiring leader, colleague, and friend.

Reaching New Frontiers

Scientific progress can be slow but steady, requiring patience, repetition, and long-term commitment. But sometimes an innovative new technique changes the way things are done.

Diabetes & Its Complications

Diabetes is on the rise around the world, putting hundreds of millions of people at elevated risk of serious problems like blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.

Building the Body

Biologists who investigate how the intricate architecture of the human body takes shape are witness to extraordinary transformations.

Trailblazing Ideas

Researchers at U of U Health are always looking for a better way, creating new tools for the lab and new systems of clinical care while accelerating biomedical research.

COVID-19 Discoveries & Innovations

Scientists built on knowledge from prior studies of the immune system to figure out how the body responds to SARS-CoV2 infection.

Power of the Immune System

Our immune system is tasked with protecting us from a vast array of potential threats. Scientists are learning what it really takes to combat an ever-evolving set of pathogens.

Second Chances

When COVID-19 ravaged Manny Arocha, science and medicine fought alongside family and faith to save his life.

Developing Better Targeted Cancer Therapies

Pioneering the Future

Demystifying Viruses

Pioneering the Future


Pioneering the Future

Segunda Opportunidades

Cuando el COVID-19 hizo estragos en Manny Arocha, la ciencia y la medicina se unieron junto a la familia y la fe, para luchar por salvar su vida.

The End of Her Days

Cardiovascular Science

Pioneering the Future

Keep Breathing

COVID-19 Patients in the NICU

Reconsidering Clinical Care

Pioneering the Future

Women's Health: Toward More Equitable Care

Pioneering the Future

Finishing the Race

Two stroke survivors, two wheels, and a determination to reclaim life

Tuning Up the Cell's Engines

Pioneering the Future

The Hospital of Their Dreams

About the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital

In-Depth Understanding of Disease

Pioneering the Future

New Ways of Thinking About Neurological Disorders

Pioneering the Future

COVID-19 One Year Later

Discovering DNA Secrets

Pioneering the Future

From the Amazon to Redwood Health Center

Understanding Cancer From Its Beginnings

Pioneering the Future

Changing the Course of the Pandemic

Inspired by Nature

Pioneering the Future

Unit on the Brink

An Uncertain Recovery

Clement Chow's Story

Better Health for Populations

Pioneering the Future

State of Suffering

Curbing the Rise of Utah Suicides

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

A Plague on All Our Houses

Driving Out Diabetes

Fighting Diabetes by Casting a Wide Net

Expanding Rural Access

Bringing Access, Education & Jobs to All Corners of the State

From Basic Discovery to Bedside

They Emerge Transformed

Burn Survivors and Those Who Care for Them at The U of U Health Burn Center

Redefining Diabetes

Pioneering the Future

Campus Transformation 2020

The Path to MedX