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Cancer Center members contribute to the mission of the Center via their participation in research, including laboratory, clinical, and population- based efforts. Membership alignment is limited to one program.

Primary Criteria for Membership

  • Active cancer research as a primary professional focus
  • Interest in the application of research to improve cancer care

Learn more about membership types and categories.

HCI Membership Benefits At-a-Glance

Eligibility for: Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
HCI Investigator Designation X X X
CC Leadership


HCI Translational Scholar


Strategic Planning X X  
Input on Program, Shared Resource Development X X  
Program Funding X* X*  
CIT Funding X* X*  
Team Science Acceleration Funding X X*  
Translational Science Initiative Funding X X*  
CCSG Supplement Funding X* X*  
ACS Seed Funding   X  
Cancer Biostatistics Support X X X
Shared Resources Access X X X
Clinical Research Support (cancer-focused interventional treatment trials) X X X
Receipt of, or Participation in:
Funding Announcements X X X
HCI Newsletter X X X
Retreats/Symposia, etc. X X X

*Details regarding funding opportunities can be found on the Benefits and Responsibilities page.

Comprehensive Cancer Center Director

Comprehensive Cancer Center Deputy Director

Senior Directors

Neeraj Agarwal, MD
Clinical Research
Donald Ayer, PhD
Co-Director, Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination
Rachel Ceballos, PhD
Community Outreach and Engagement
Max Loveless, MBA
Senior Administrative Director
Martin McMahon, PhD
Preclinical Translation
Tracy Onega, PhD, MS
Population Sciences
Gita Suneja, MD, MS
Programs to Enhance Diversity
Aik Choon Tan, PhD
Data Science
Katharine Ullman, PhD
Co-Director, Cancer Research Training and Education Coordination
Alana Welm, PhD
Basic Science
David Wetter, PhD, MS
Cancer Health Equity Science

Program Leadership

Nuclear Control of Cell Growth and Differentiation

Jay Gertz, PhD
Jared Rutter, PhD

Cell Response and Regulation

Shannon Buckley
Sheri Holmen, PhD

Experimental Therapeutics

Howard Colman, MD, PhD
Martin McMahon, PhD

Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Jennifer Doherty, MS, PhD
Kathleen Mooney, PhD