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Studying How Cells Divide

The Ullman Lab studies the coordination of cell division, with a particular focus on how assembly of nuclear architecture is integrated with other events of cell division. The nucleus harbors a specialized environment, optimized to protect and regulate the cell's DNA. Mis-coordination of cellular remodeling during division leaves the DNA vulnerable to damage and mis-regulation. We study novel roles that the nuclear pore proteins Nup153 and Nup50 have in nuclear remodeling and genomic stability. In addition, we’re investigating the role and regulation of membrane remodeling factors (the ESCRT factors) in nuclear formation and in cytokinesis.

How Does Our Research Help Cancer Patients?

Our projects are focused on fundamental aspects of cell biology, with the goal of opening new avenues to understanding how mistakes in cell division contribute to tumorigenesis and potentially identifying new strategies to block cancerous cell growth.

Katharine S. Ullman, PhD

Principal Investigator; The Graduate School, Associate Dean

Ullman Lab
Huntsman Cancer Institute
2000 Circle of Hope, Rm 5330
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Phone: 801-585-7123