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There are many exciting projects in the lab that could be pursued by incoming postdocs and graduate students, and this is an excellent environment for training. The setting is very collaborative, both within our lab and between labs at the University of Utah. Our lab space is part of an open lab, with additional specialty rooms for microscopy, tissue culture, and computer work. Excellent core facilities for microscopy, mass spec, DNA sequencing and synthesis as well as protein interactions are available. Our benches are situated near Mary Beckerle's and Michelle Mendoza's labs. During the academic year, we have a Cell Biology Super-group Meeting that these labs, and several others within the Institute, participate in. The Department of Oncological Sciences has around 30 postdocs and 40 graduate students, and it sponsors several forums for interaction among lab members. The weekly internal seminar series is a great way to keep up with what is going on as well as to present your work and get feedback.

Postdoctoral Fellows

To inquire about joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow, send a letter or email to:

Katie Ullman
Huntsman Cancer Institute, Rm. 5345
Department of Oncological Sciences
University of Utah
2000 Circle of Hope
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Please include your curriculum vitae (CV), scientific interests, and a brief description of what types of projects you would like to pursue. Note: We have funding available for starting postdocs, although in most cases postdocs are expected to apply for independent funding and this is something we would work together on.

Graduate Students

Most graduate students enter the lab via the Molecular Biology Program. Please apply directly to the program. Other programs here include the MD/PhD Training Program.

Undergraduate Students

We've had great experiences with undergraduates as well, and we periodically hire undergraduate lab aides. You can contact Katie Ullman directly (see contact information above). There are also programs on campus, both for students here as well as for summer students from any university (HCI Education & Training). 

Cameron Davis holding Francis Family Scholarship with his mentor, Dr. Doug Mackay
Undergraduate Cameron Davis (right) receiving recognition for the Francis Family Scholarship and his lab mentor, Dr. Doug Mackay (left).