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The Center for Genomic Medicine at University of Utah Health is harnessing the power of family-based genomics to prevent and cure disease in Utah and beyond.

Inherited Disease

Utah Genome Project: Genetic Science Powered by Family

The Utah Genome Project, a signature component of the Center for Genomic Medicine, harnesses the power of Utah's large families to discover genetic risk factors for diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.

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Data Science

USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery: Visualizing & Interpreting Genomes

Sometimes all it takes is one small glitch in our genome—a variation in one out of three billion DNA base pairs—to cause disease. Scientists from USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery are using advanced computational technologies to understand the wealth of health information within our DNA blueprints.

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Populations & Pedigrees

Utah Population Database: Big Data to Understand Health & Disease

Scientists at the Center for Genomic Medicine and from around the world are harnessing the power of Utah Population Database to understand genetic and environmental contributors to health and disease, and to pinpoint populations with conditions of interest.

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Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Translating Discoveries into Precision Prevention & Treatment

The Center for Genomic Medicine is collaborating with the College of Pharmacy at University of Utah Health and ARUP Laboratories to advance patient care by translating genetic discoveries into precision diagnostics and treatments.

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Genomic Medicine

Customizing Medical Care to Each Person’s Genetic Makeup

We are entering a new era of medicine that utilizes a patient's unique genetic makeup to tailor health care decisions. The Center for Genomic Medicine is partnering with physicians, health care providers, and clinical departments to turn genomic medicine into standard practice.

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