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Key Partners

Circle Inherited Disease Center for Genomic Medicine

The Utah Genome Project: Foundation of the Center for Genomic Medicine

Launched in 2012, the Utah Genome Project is a genome sequencing and analysis initiative that is discovering genetic signatures of inherited disease. The Genome Project is the foundation of the Center for Genomic Medicine, and established our current research pipeline for discovery and translation.

Circle Data Science Center for Genomic Medicine

The Utah Center for Genetic Discovery: Visualizing & Interpreting Genomes

The Utah Center for Genetic Discovery is the computational engine of the Center for Genomic Medicine. Its investigators develop artificial intelligence, software tools, analysis pipelines, and data management systems to visualize and interpret genomes.

Circle Population Pedigrees Center for Genomic Medicine

The Utah Population Database: Big Data to Understand Health & Disease

The Utah Population Database (UPDB) is a national resource proven to speed discovery of genetic causes of disease, and targeted tests and treatments. The UPDB is the largest database of its kind in the world, linking millions of people in multi-generational pedigrees to medical, public health, and environmental exposure records. 

Scientists at the Center for Genomic Medicine and from around the world are harnessing  the power of the UPDB to understand genetic and environmental contributors to health and disease, and to recruit cohorts with conditions of interest.

Circle Therapeutics Diagnostics Center for Genomic Medicine

Translating Discoveries into Precision Prevention & Treatment

The Center for Genomic Medicine is collaborating with the College of Pharmacy at University of Utah Health and ARUP Laboratories to advance patient care by translating genetic discoveries into precision treatments and diagnostics. 

Building on discoveries fueled by genomic innovation, the Center for Genomic Medicine is working to create targeted treatments for a variety of diseases. It is also incorporating these discoveries into diagnostic tests so patients around the world can receive accurate diagnoses and better care.

Circle Clinical Genomics Center for Genomic Medicine

Clinical Genomics

Genomic medicine customizes medical care to each patient’s unique genetic makeup. The Center for Genomic Medicine is partnering with physicians, health care providers, and clinical departments at University of Utah Health to turn this next phase of care into standard of practice.


Investigators from the Center for Genomic Medicine participate in prestigious national research consortia, including:

  • Undiagnosed Diseases Network
  • American Heart Association Children’s Network
  • Sudden Death in the Young Consortium
  • Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium
  • Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research program
  • Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
  • Patient-Derived Models of Cancer Consortium
  • Childhood Liver Disease Network
  • Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Science (NIH Clinical & Translational Science Consortium)
  • Utah Center for Excellence in ELSI Research (NIH Centers of Excellence in ELSI Research)