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Customizing Medical Care to Each Person's Genetic Makeup

Genomic medicine customizes medical care to each person’s unique genetic makeup. The Center for Genomic Medicine is partnering with physicians, health care providers, and clinical departments to turn this next phase of care into standard of practice.

Through education, support, and infrastructure we are equipping clinicians with the know-how to understand breaking developments in genomic science and apply the information to their patients’ care. In rarely-seen close collaborations between clinicians, data scientists and geneticists, the Center for Genomic Medicine is moving clinical care closer to an effortless fusion between advanced science and compassionate medicine.

Stories of Discovery

Penelope Program

University of Utah Health's Penelope Program for rare and undiagnosed diseases is dedicated to solving some of the country’s most complex medical cases. Finding an answer opens opportunities for better care and improved health.

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Next-Gen Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Innovative tools developed by the USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery, ARUP Laboratories, and IDbyDNA employ genome sequencing to rapidly and accurately identify pathogens.

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From DNA to Decision-Making

A multi-disciplinary team of experts at University of Utah Health are looking for unknown genetic causes of congenital heart disease in pediatric patients to find new methods for prevention and treatment.

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Precision Medicine & Patient Care

IOBIO puts genomic data into the hands of the people who know their patients best.

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