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Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Translating Discoveries Into Precision Prevention & Treatment

The Center for Genomic Medicine is collaborating with the College of Pharmacy at University of Utah Health and ARUP Laboratories to advance patient care by translating genetic discoveries into precision diagnostics and treatments.

Building on discoveries fueled by genomic innovation, the Center for Genomic Medicine is working to create targeted treatments for a variety of diseases. It is also incorporating these discoveries into diagnostic tests so patients around the world can receive accurate diagnoses and better care.

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Stories of Discovery

Precision Treatments for Colon Cancer

A long-running study of familial colon cancer is leading to new approaches for treating the leading cause of death in these patients, small bowel cancer.

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Diagnosing Immunodeficiency Disorders

Utah Genome Project and ARUP Laboratories investigators are developing precision diagnostics so doctors can prescribe the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time.

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Pharmacogenetics for Safe Prescriptions

By combining pharmacogenetic testing with clinical decision support technology, physicians can predict which patients are vulnerable to dangerous drug interactions.

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