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Inherited Disease

Insights into Fertility

Researchers are discovering genetic causes of infertility by leveraging a wealth of medical information connected to a large database of Utah families.

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Causes of Complex Disease

Utah Genome Project investigators are designing novel tools to uncover multiple genetic risk factors that lead to complex diseases such as the heritable cancer, multiple myeloma.

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Genetics of Behavioral Disorders

Unique partnerships are enabling investigators to make headway on a sensitive subject: suicide. The project seeks to unravel the genetics of suicidal behavior while maintaining privacy and data protections.

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Data Science

Revealing the Hidden Genome

With the invention of a new way to read DNA, called nanopore sequencing, comes exciting possibilities. Using the technology, investigators have been able to see regions of the human genome that until now have been virtually invisible, revealing new categories of disease-causing changes.

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Inherited Disease Gene Discovery

Cutting-edge algorithms developed in-house are helping researchers analyze genome sequences to pinpoint the genetic causes of a broad range of inherited disorders, from heart conditions to rare diseases.

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Smart Cancer Genomics

Investigators are developing computational methods for tracking genetic changes in cancerous tumors so that physicians can prescribe the right targeted treatments at the right time.

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Therapeutics & Diagnostics

Precision Treatments for Colon Cancer

A long-running study of familial colon cancer is leading to new approaches for treating the leading cause of death in these patients, small bowel cancer.

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Diagnosing Immunodeficiency Disorders

Utah Genome Project and ARUP Laboratories investigators are developing precision diagnostics so doctors can prescribe the right treatment, to the right patient, at the right time.

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Pharmacogenetics for Safe Prescriptions

By combining pharmacogenetic testing with clinical decision support technology, physicians can predict which patients are vulnerable to dangerous drug interactions.

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Genomic Medicine

Next-Gen Infectious Disease Diagnostics

Innovative tools developed by the USTAR Center for Genetic Discovery, ARUP Laboratories, and IDbyDNA employ genome sequencing to rapidly and accurately identify pathogens.

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From DNA to Decision-Making

A multi-disciplinary team of experts at University of Utah Health are looking for unknown genetic causes of congenital heart disease in pediatric patients to find new methods for prevention and treatment.

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Integrating Precision Medicine with Patient Care

IOBIO puts genomic data into the hands of the people who know their patients best.

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Populations & Pedigrees

Alzheimer's Resistance

Linking families in the Utah Population Database is helping researchers identify genes that protect individuals from Alzheimer’s disease.

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Precision Prognoses

Researchers are linking families to the Utah Population Database to identify new genes to target in the study of breast cancer.

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