So much of a quality health care experience is dependent upon a team approach from seasoned professionals, especially in a time of great change for the health care industry.

As the University of Utah Medical Group, we pride ourselves in offering compassionate, expert care for any health situation in which a patient may turn to us for help. We offer a patient-centered, quality experience in which our physicians are easily accessible.

Our practices thrive in a dynamic, collaborative environment where nurses, medical technicians, practitioners and other medical professionals work together to meet population health management challenges today and in the future.

We are proud to serve our communities. We take pride in being part of University of Utah Health.

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Finding Meaning in Medicine with Student-Driven RealMD Program
Nov 07, 2019

Finding Meaning in Medicine with Student-Driven RealMD Program

No one goes into medical school thinking it will be easy. But exactly how that academic rigor will personally affect you is much harder to anticipate. Burnout and exhaustion are common, as is a resulting loss of meaning and purpose. The unrelenting grind makes it hard to find the time to reflect on the bigger questions: What matters most to me? How do I develop meaningful connections with others? What am I committed to that is greater than myself? Those are the kinds of questions that the RealMD program invites students to reflect on and eventually answer.... Read More


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