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Student Shadowing Program

We hope that by offering students an opportunity to observe a physician or other medical staff personnel as that individual cares for and treats patients and carries out other responsibilities of a medical practice, that they will gain value and insight toward their future endeavors.

Our program offers student shadowing experiences in Primary and Urgent Care and allows a maximum of 4 hours of workforce member shadowing, per student, per year. If you are interested in participating in the CPG Student Shadowing Program please visit our sign up page to submit a request (link below). The SignUp Genius form link is unavailable between November 1 and February 1.

Please note: CPG Student Shadowing Program does not meet application requirements for patient exposure or practicum experiences. Patient exposure is defined as direct interaction with patients and hands-on involvement. As a shadower you will be strictly limited to observing patient care, and will not participate in patient care in any other way.

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