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Medical Group Analytics

Executive Leadership

  • Heidi Cozart, Clinical Director Analytics, UUMG

  • Dayle Benson, Executive Director UUMG

  • Erica Bisson, Vice Dean Clinical Affairs, SFESOM

  • Samuel Finlayson, Dean (Interim) SFESOM

Medical Group Analytics (MGA) provides practice-based management and clinical analytics services to our more than 2,300 providers, and others who staff the practices of the academic faculty. Through the intersection of healthcare analytics and implementation science, we strive to advance the clinical mission of University of Utah Health and the greater Utah community.

Housed within the University of Utah Medical Group (UUMG), we focus on creating institutional value from data and continuously strive to improve ‘time to value’ by harnessing novel analytics approaches. It is through these creative data wrangling tactics that we are able to help our providers improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, enrich person-centered care, and drive innovation. Our individual team success is strengthened by collaboration and through our relentless pursuit of expanding our clinical, research, and academic partnerships.

Creating dialogue to improve the health of our community

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    There are many ways to engage with MGA’s suite of data services.

    EPIC Slicer-Dicer


    Part of our EPIC-first model is the promotion of guided, self-service applications available to University of Utah providers within our EHR client. These tools support high-level data exploration and feasibility analyses as solutions and sources of innovation directly within your clinical workflow.

    Standard Data Delivery

    Our team leverages existing data infrastructures to provide quick answers to questions that explore basic dimensions of a provider's practice or patient population. These requests are often the building blocks of actionable insights for their clinical practice.

    Curated Data Delivery

    We collaborate with project stakeholder groups through phased, iterative development to produce material outputs of advanced data science analyses and dashboard visualizations. Our deployment of enterprise governed metrics within your projects help drive value and improve outcomes. 

  • To help you navigate our different formats of data service delivery, we have provided a short list of examples from past work. Review the list below to get a sense of level of service you need based on your project's complexity.

    Example Request to MGA



    Curated Service

    Identify distinct populations of patients within my division or clinical specialty.    
    Analyze operative trends over time within large EPIC-related datasets.    
    Monitor compliance with a postpartum venous thromboembolism prophylaxis protocol to adhere to national standards.  

    Track patients with traumatic brain injury through the emergency department to monitor adherence to new clinical protocols.  


    Monitor implementation of new team-based
    processes to improve provider in-basket efficiency and burden.
    Review Advanced Practice Provider (APP) workforce and trends in growth, employment length, internal/external transfers, and attrition over last 20 years.    
    Integrate provider compensation data and national benchmarking to help standardize compensation practices and address pay gaps.    
    Predict future physical function after surgery using machine-models to enrich preoperative physician-patient discussion.    

As a Medical Group, we are rising to meet emerging needs related to the transition to value-based care, personalized medicine, and broadened public involvement in shaping healthcare improvements.

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Business Intelligence
  • Process Improvement
  • Clinical Project Consultation
  • QI Research
  • Implementation Science

Our Team

Our analysts, data scientists, architects, and clinical consultants are inspired by the possibility of improving patient lives and transforming health services for our community.

Our experience spans numerous sectors including transportation, retail, hospitality, higher-ed, tech and research. We possess expertise in data science, data visualization, machine learning, process improvement and more. Our tools are SQL, Python, Power BI, Tableau for data analysis and modeling, with deep investments into EPIC Caboodle and Cogito certification.

Meet our Team

Our Collaborators

Collaborations across the analytics and strategic landscape produce results for our patients in the form of quality health services. Medical Group Analytics leverages partnerships through the organization whenever possible to ensure the highest quality outcome.


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