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Our Analytics Team

We are thought-leaders in advanced clinical analytics.


    More than just delivery of technological solutions, we build the data literacy that work presupposes.  Our team is making personal investments at every opportunity to assess and raise data literacy across our customer base and at all layers of health system data governance. Promotion of enterprise-wide data literacy is at the heart of our analytics maturity model to drive organizational change at the intersection of clinical analytics & implementation science through strong partnerships. 

    Leadership Team

    Our internal governance structure to ensure MGA teams have an empowered interface with the Director. This team gathers team leads and individuals accountable for project/program successes as a multi-directional forum for peer feedback and cascading communication.

    Customer Experience Team

    Gathers our customer-facing team to plan business engagement, engage time-sensitive requests, and support customer collaboration at all stages of work. This team delivers sustained engagement with our customers which results in a long-term relationship and preference for services that MGA is known for.

    Technical Team

    Our behind-the-scenes expertise to structure and perform data requests using the data sources available within our institution.  This team harnesses best practice and data science to help MGA perform complex queries and contribute new, secondary analytical questions as thought leaders.

    • VISION

      We belong to the total footprint of care that serves the broad Mountain West Region and anchors the population health of many living in rural and metropolitan Utah. We form part of the advanced clinical analytics landscape at the University of Utah Health system and are supported by the University of Utah Medical Group to create dialogue to improve the health of our community.


      Shared Accountability is at the center of how Medical Group Analytics maintains its energetic commitments. Our team’s performance is an outcome of an integrated team awareness and shared purpose that brings people to work each day. 

      Shared goals frame a living set of expectations held between team members. We find that they lead to intentional conversations around key performance expectations for the individual and guide us into goals of personal and professional development.

    • VALUES

      Every team member within MGA has raised the quality of our team culture, the lifecycles of our team hold space for growth and change. Our current values are:

      • Human-centered experience
      • Dedication to improving healthcare
      • Truth-telling
      • Commitment to innovation