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Dec 13, 2016


Voices in Precision Medicine: Speaking on the Law, Ethics, a...

Precision medicine promises health care tailored to every individual, a mission that opens exciting possibilities and poses unique challenges. How do we control cost, equalize access to care, and speed the journey to suc...

Jun 01, 2016


UCEER Awarded $4 Million to Tackle Ethical, Legal and Social...

With $4 million in funding from the National Human Genome Research Institute, the University of Utah Center of Excellence in ELSI (Ethical, Legal, & Social Implications) Research (UCEER) will explore ethical, legal and s...

Jul 02, 2015


Genetic Testing in Kids is Fraught with Complications

Despite an increasing ease in acquiring genetic information, the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) points out that doing so has consequences, particularly when it comes to children. It is this population, they sa...