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Updates from the NCI-designated research facility and hospital committed to cancer treatment, education, prevention, and care.


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Voices and perspectives from leaders across U of U Health's hospitals, schools, colleges, libraries, academic departments, and divisions. 

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Updates from the largest eye care center in the Mountain West, with 11 locations offering leading-edge treatment and robust patient support. 

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An internal communications platform, Pulse delivers timely content and employee engagement to more than 20,000 U of U Health team members.

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Honest conversations with medical experts about health advice, well-being research, and other news you can use to lead a happier life. 

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In-depth articles that reflect U of U Health's collaborative DNA, rich clinical environment, and transformative approach to science and medicine.

Algorithms for Innovation

Cultivating dialogue and sparking conversations that address some of the most impossible problems facing health care today.

Most Recent News

Sep 22, 2021


Swedish girl with rare condition undergoes specialized treat...

Carl Molstad said his daughter Edith, who turns 11 on Wednesday, has lived two different lives: one before her seizures, and one after. She used to love playing soccer, hanging out with friends and going to school. Bu...

Sep 22, 2021


Swedish family travels to Utah for innovative brain implant

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – An 11-year-old girl travels to Utah to become the first European child to receive an innovative brain implant treatment for epilepsy. The young girl, Edith, has been robbed of her child...

Sep 22, 2021


Utah surgeon treats Swedish girl with rare epilepsy; first c...

SALT LAKE CITY — Four years ago, Edith Mölstad was a perfectly healthy 7-year-old Swedish girl who loved school and her friends. Then she suddenly developed a severe, rare form of epilepsy. Back in 2017, Edith was ...

Sep 22, 2021


Swedish Family Travels to Utah for New Epilepsy Treatment

Swedish family travels to Utah for new epilepsy treatment

Sep 22, 2021


Primary Children’s Hospital implants brain pacemaker in Eu...

SALT LAKE CITY — Imagine having to fly thousands of miles to a different country, through COVID-19 travel restrictions, for your child’s life saving surgery. That’s the reality for the Molstad family from Sweden...

Sep 20, 2021

Clinical, Education, Research

Moran’s Leah Owen, MD, PhD, Selected to Present Research t...

John A. Moran Eye Center surgeon-scientist Leah A. Owen, MD, PhD, is among 28 elite, early-career vision scientists selected to present their research to Congress this September. Her research is working to prevent retino...

Sep 20, 2021


Utah Awarded Center of Excellence for Total Worker Health

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has awarded U of U Health funding to establish a new Utah-based Center of Excellence for Total Worker Health® as part of its national initiative to impro...

Sep 20, 2021


U of U Health Research Funding Reaches New High

More than 70% of the U’s research funding comes from U of U Health, which has grown continuously for eight years running, reaching $428 million in FY21.

Sep 20, 2021


Early-Stage Drug Candidate Diminishes Deficits in Parkinson...

U of U Health scientists have identified a molecule that slows cells’ production of alpha-synuclein, a protein that forms toxic aggregates in the brains of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Sep 16, 2021


First-of-its-Kind Translational Research Building for Mental...

Yesterday, during a meeting of the Executive Appropriations Committee of the Utah State Legislature, lawmakers unanimously approved $90 million in funding for the Utah Translational Research Building at the University of...

Sep 15, 2021

Statement on Industrial Accident at University of Utah Hospi...

Shortly after 11am this morning, a tragic accident occurred on the west side loading dock of University of Utah Hospital, just north of the School of Medicine. The incident took place externally from the building when an...

Sep 15, 2021


U of U Health Professor Receives Pew Charitable Trust Innova...

Gabrielle Kardon, Ph.D., a professor of Human Genetics at University of Utah Health, is a recipient of a 2021 Pew Charitable Trust Innovation Award.

Sep 10, 2021

Education, Clinical

Shandi Beckwith, OD, Joins Moran Eye Center

Shandi Beckwith, OD, provides a full range of optometry services for adults and children, with an emphasis on specialty contact lenses. She is also certified in myopia management for children ages 8-12.

Sep 07, 2021


Valley Fever More Common in Utah Than Previously Thought, Re...

A new study shows that cases of Valley Fever have been slowly increasing, and the disease now affects people in a larger geographical area than previously recognized.

Sep 01, 2021


Dan Lundergan Named CEO of University of Utah Health Hospita...

Dan Lundergan, MHA, Chief Operating Officer at University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics, has been appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer. He has served as interim CEO since February and steps into the of...

Aug 31, 2021


COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Medical Staff

The University of Utah Health Medical Board and executive leadership team has approved a resolution to require COVID-19 vaccinations for Hospitals and Clinics staff, credentialed and privileged providers and health Acade...

Aug 31, 2021


University of Utah Health, Salt Lake County Evaluating Hous...

When the air outside is visibly thick with a brown and yellow haze of pollutants, Salt Lake County families retreat indoors, where it is arguably safer to breathe. But, what if it’s not?

Aug 26, 2021


COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Dips, But Remains Potent Dise...

COVID-19 vaccines remain effective, but their potency has diminished in recent months, according to a nationwide study.

Aug 24, 2021

Clinical, Education

Moran Eye Center Hope in Sight Redwood Outreach Clinic Assis...

Nearly 30 Utahns attended Moran’s Hope in Sight Redwood Outreach Clinic recently for free comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, and surgery referrals.

Aug 23, 2021

University of Utah Health’s Sheri McPhee Named to Modern H...

The University of Utah Health, the Mountain West’s only academic healthcare system, announced today that Sheri McPhee, CPC CPC-I, Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager for Revenue Cycle Support Services, was recogni...

Aug 19, 2021


Lab-Leak Theory or Animal Origin? A Discussion on What Spark...

Ongoing debate about the origin of the pandemic continues. Did SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, originate in wild animals that then infected humans? Or did it leak from a lab? U of U Health evolutionary virolo...

In-Depth Features

Second Chances

When COVID-19 ravaged Manny Arocha, science and medicine at University of Utah Health fought alongside family and faith to save his life.

Pioneering the Future Part 15

With deepening knowledge of the ways in which tumors grow and spread, treatment for many cancers moves past traditional, toxic chemotherapies to more targeted approaches.

Pioneering the Future Part 14

In 2020, the world’s attention turned abruptly to viruses like COVID-19. But scientists have been focused on these diverse and widespread pathogens for decades. 

Pioneering the Future Part 13

Many long-standing health challenges are becoming more manageable thanks to the creativity and perseverance of scientists who have chosen to address difficult problems in innovative ways.

Segundas Oportunidades

Cuando el COVID-19 hizo estragos en Manny Arocha, la ciencia y la medicina en Universidad de Utah se unieron junto a la familia y la fe, para luchar por salvar su vida.

The End of Her Days

One writer's cautionary story about his mother-in-law's severe stroke and her fight to die on her own terms, which taught one family the importance—and limitations—of Advance Directives.

Pioneering the Future Part 12

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, and its prevalence continues to rise. Working to keep hearts healthy, researchers can also help them recover when they falter.

Keep Breathing

An early morning shift change in a COVID-19 unit at University Hospital captures the compassion and exhaustion of staff keeping patients alive during a global pandemic.

Pioneering the Future Part 11

Providing the best care requires scientists and clinicians to continually challenge their assumptions, consider new data, and reevaluate how medicine is practiced.

Pioneering the Future Part 10

U of U Health providers are equipped to make better, evidence-based decisions that advance care options. From contraception to cancer, this can lead to improved quality of life for women.

Finishing the Race

Two survivors, two wheels, and a determination to reclaim life illustrate this story of stroke rehabilitation—and the unique connection between provider and patient.

Pioneering the Future Part 9

Cellular metabolism underpins every bodily process. Understanding these energy processes can lead to new treatments for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more.

The Hospital of Their Dreams

At the heart of the Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital lies a dedication to helping patients discover their resilience and regain their lives after traumatic spinal cord injuries.

Pioneering the Future Part 8

By uncovering the biological mechanisms behind disease, U of U Health researchers are paving the way to clearer diagnoses, better treatments, and even prevention.

Pioneering the Future Part 7

How do neurons work? What causes them to malfunction? And how can scientists find new treatments for the diseases that affect them? Tracing the roots of long-term memory is a start. 

COVID-19, One Year Later

An interactive journey through one year in the fight against COVID-19—12 months to learn from, 52 weeks to remember, and 365 days to commemorate, one pivotal event at a time.

Pioneering the Future Part 6

Scientists at University of Utah Health are using creative approaches to glean new knowledge about human health from the genome sequences of humans and other animals.

From Amazon to Redwood

Anna Gallegos wanted to change the world. She found a way to do it by helping refugees start new lives and navigate the health care system here in Utah. 

Pioneering the Future Part 5

Gliomas are a deadly form of brain cancer that might reveal potential targets for treating the disease—if researchers can discover how mutations contribute to tumor progression. 

Changing the Pandemic

In December 2020, five University of Utah Health frontline health care workers received the first COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Utah—changing the course of the yearlong pandemic. 

Pioneering the Future Part 4

University of Utah Health scientists are following nature’s lead to create new ways for treating and preventing disease while discovering and developing new drugs.

Unit on the Brink

Unit on the Brink: Voices of the COVID Frontline is a multi-part Clinical podcast series that shares the raw stories of University Hospital workers as they hold the line against COVID-19. 

An Uncertain Recovery

On March 13, 2020, Clement Chow found himself on the leading edge of a tidal wave as one of the first COVID-19 cases in Utah. "I will fight COVID-19 with information," he promised. 

Pioneering the Future Part 3

Researchers at University of Utah Health tackle population-sized problems—then follow through to ensure that their efforts add up to substantial impacts on public health.

State of Suffering

For every person in the US who dies of suicide, twice as many die in Utah. And suicide is the leading cause of death among Utah's teens. Can we curb this startling trend? Can we afford not to? 

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

In fewer than 25 years, opioid addiction has led to more than 450,000 overdose deaths. Each one is an individual tragedy—taken together, they represent a staggering social epidemic. 

Driving Out Diabetes

While we create better treatments and search for a cure for diabetes, affected communities deserve better resources to understand prediabetes and delay or prevent the full-blown disease. 

Expanding Rural Access

America’s traditional health system, which is centered in urban & suburban areas, isn't designed for the 20% of Americans residing in rural regions. Fixing that requires long-term work. 

Pioneering the Future Part 2

The scientific laboratory is the traditional birthplace of new ideas. But translating those discoveries to interventions that support human health requires extra effort. 

They Emerge Transformed

Burn survivors and those who care for them at U of U Health Burn Center share a fundamental truth few others know. This immersive feature dives in to fire, faith, healing, and victory.  

Pioneering the Future Part 1

High-impact discoveries are transforming how we think about the causes of diabetes and solutions to combat the disease. These advances could hardly come at a better time. 

Campus Transformation 2020

From humble origins in 1905 to new construction today, the evolution of U of U Health continues with fundamental research, innovative education, and cutting-edge patient care.