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Dec 04, 2018


Taking a Turn at the Oars: How Two U of U Health Employees G...

Two employees take on a rowing challenge to help fundraise for ALS, getting insight into the long days the ROW4ALS team will be experiencing.

Nov 16, 2018


When Your Brain Won’t Hang Up: Sustained Connections Assoc...

For decades, scientists have examined how regions of the brain communicate to understand autism. Researchers at University of Utah Health believe the symptoms of autism may result from sustained connections between regio...

Nov 07, 2018


He’s Truly Living with ALS, Instead of Dying From It

The countdown is on for Alan Alderman and the rest of the ROW4ALS team, as they prepare to depart for San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain in just under three weeks. Dr. Mark Bromberg, chief of the Diagnosti...

Oct 24, 2018


A Negative Result Still Pushes Science Forward

Magnesium sulfate does not offer protection against the risk of autism in premature infants, a retrospective study finds.

Oct 10, 2018


Meet the Team: Alan Alderman Talks Commitment

On paper, Alan is almost a perfect picture of health. But despite his easy-going nature and the platitudes he sprinkles throughout conversation, Alan is a warrior fighting against the ALS that is gradually stealing his n...

Sep 19, 2018


Training To Row Across The Atlantic Ocean in the Middle of t...

What does it take to live for two months on a row boat? Read about the ROW4ALS team and Alan Alderman's, ALS patient, specially constructed boat that will take them the distance.

Sep 07, 2018


Finding That Links ALS/Ataxia to Cellular Stress Opens New A...

Few treatments exist for neurodegenerative diseases that progressively rob a person’s ability to move and think, yet the results of a new study is opening additional approaches for exploration.

Aug 22, 2018



This winter, Alan Alderman will battle the elements in an extreme rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean known as the Talisker Whisky Challenge. Diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alan brings something un...

Aug 22, 2018


The Custom Yellow Boat That Will Carry ROW4ALS Across the Oc...

What does it take to live for two months on a row boat? Read about the ROW4ALS team and Alan Alderman's, ALS patient, specially constructed boat that will take them the distance.

May 23, 2018

Research, Education

University of Utah Health Announces Fred W. & Christine A. F...

University of Utah Health announced a gift of $1.25 million to create the Fred W. and Christine A. Fairclough Endowed Chair in the Department of Neurology. Kevin C. (KC) Brennan, MD, has been named as the first recipient...

May 07, 2018


Unraveling the Mystery of Sleep

Researchers at University of Utah address fundamental questions by studying short sleepers, folks who report regularly getting less than six hours of sleep every night yet do not report any negative effects.

Apr 16, 2018


The Neuroscience Initiative: Studying the Brain in Health an...

The Neuroscience Initiative was launched by the University of Utah Health to take steps towards alleviating the devastating effects of brain disorders.

Mar 26, 2018


What Is the Cost of Interrupting a Radiologist?

U study finds interruptions change focus and time spent on case reviews, but don’t increase error rate.

Mar 23, 2018


A Rare Gene Mutation May Explain Some Cases of ALS

Scientists at University of Utah Health joined an international team of researchers on a project that identified a gene mutation that may be responsible for some sporadic and familial cases of Amyotrophic lateral scleros...

Jan 12, 2018


One Surgeon – Two Patients – Simultaneous Surgeries: It ...

Researchers at University of Utah Health conducted the first review to evaluate post-surgery complication rates associated with overlapping surgery.

Sep 05, 2017


Music and the Mind: Opera Diva Renée Fleming & U Neurologis...

Scientists and musicians are joining forces as part of the Sound Health Initiative, a partnership between the National Institutes of Health and the Kennedy Center, to study exactly how music affects the brain.

Aug 08, 2017

Research, Clinical

U.S. News and World Report Names University Of Utah Hospital...

U.S. News & World Report has released its 2017-2018 Best Hospital Rankings. For the fourth consecutive year, University of Utah Hospital was ranked No. 1 in Utah and in the Salt Lake City metro area. University of Utah...

Jul 05, 2017

ClinicalHealth Care Transformation

Advancing Patient Bedside Monitoring

In the Intensive Care Unit doctors and nurses must make decisions that involve integration of massive amounts of data that is constantly changing. To cope with all this data they rely on monitors that beep and buzz alert...

Jun 22, 2017


Study Highlights Role of Rare Genetic Mutations in ALS

90 to 95 percent of ALS cases are “sporadic”, meaning these patients had no clear family history of the condition, and therefore no indication that they were at risk. A new study by investigators at University of Uta...

Apr 12, 2017


Treatment Reverses Signs of Two Degenerative Brain Diseases,...

Scientists report a significant step toward combatting two degenerative brain diseases that chip away at an individual’s ability to move, and think. A targeted therapy developed by scientists at University of Utah Heal...