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CGM Symposium: Highlighting Recent Activities and Discoveries in Our Community

Catalysts for Change

Author: Julie Kiefer

Building on the success of the Utah Genome Project Symposium, the CGM Symposium will highlight the recent activities and discoveries of our community. There will be a variety of full length talks and lightning talks, as well a poster session. We welcome all faculty, staff, and trainees to join us for this half day event.

Wednesday, January 29
11:30 AM – 5:15 PM
Gesteland-White 1st Floor Auditorium
Eccles Institute of Human Genetics

A list of those invited for full length talks and lightning talks are listed below.

Full Length Talks:

  • Center for Genomic Medicine overview - Lynn Jorde, PhD
  • Utah Genetic Reference Project - Deb Neklason, PhD
  • Therapeutics Accelerator - Randall Peterson, PhD
  • Functional analysis services - Clement Chow, PhD
  • Pediatric personalized medicine – Josh Bonkowsky, MD, PhD
  • Leveraging AI &the HER for genomic medicine – Mark Yandell, PhD
  • Precision Oncology – Gabor Marth, DSc

Lightning Talks:

  • Sean Tavtigian, PhD
  • Lisa Cannon-Albright, PhD
  • Russell Butterfield, MD, PhD
  • Kevin Hope, PhD
  • Kibum Kim, BPharm, PhD
  • Mick Jurynec, PhD
  • Lisa Aspinwall, PhD
  • Amy Hawkins, PhD
  • Hilary Coon, PhD
  • Albert Salas-Huetos, PhD, MSc
  • Shrinivasan Raghuraman, PhD
  • Laura Pace, MD, PhD
  • Jason Glotzbach, MD, FACS
  • Julie Feusier, PhD
  • Nathan Blue, MD

Please RSVP here. We encourage you to download an agenda here, and forward to any interested parties. Please direct all questions to