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Communicating The Old Fashioned Way

Discussion around the conference tableWho has time to talk when texting, emailing, and tweeting threaten to monopolize all human interaction? Face-to-face communication may be a vanishing commodity, but it is still our most human way of communicating. We chose to cut through the noise of our digital landscape by meeting with our members—nearly 1,600 physicians—in person. While the strategy of speaking directly with faculty has been relatively straightforward, the outcome has been nuanced: a slow and steady dialogue about what it means to practice and influence in a large health system

Two to three times a year, the Medical Group leadership visits every clinical department, and almost every division, as well as a handful of administrative gatherings. During these visits, Medical Group leaders talk about health system priorities, like our growth strategy and the many new facilities we are building; and, provider engagement opportunities, like innovations in care delivery and opportunities to improve patient access and patient experience.  Most importantly, the Medical Group and health system leadership use these visits to hear from physicians so they can best advocate for clinical teams, ensuring that U of U Health is a physician-led and physician-driven health system.