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Humanitarian of the Year Awarded to CPG Clinician

wagma-mohmandThe Humanitarian Physician Assistant of the Year is awarded by the Utah Academy of Physician Assistants to a clinician who has made a difference in the lives of others beyond the practice of medicine. Wagma Mohmand, this year's recipient, is a physician assistant at the Redwood Health Center. Mohmand was recognized for demonstrating kindness and compassion without regard to gender, sexual orientation, race, geographic location, religion, or nationality. 

"Wagma fully encompasses everything this award stands for," a representative for the awards committee said in an email to leaders in the Community Physician Group. "There is no one who fights for social justice harder, or possesses the qualities of true compassion, more than Wagma."  

Mohmand has long devoted her clinical attention to Utah's underserved. While in the physician assistant program at the U, she was awarded the Activism and Social Service award in recognition of outstanding service and devotion to underserved and disadvantaged populations, the C. Hilmon Castle Founder’s Fund award for clinical excellence and practice, and the William M. Wilson Underserved Areas award for Physician Assistant students who desire to practice in underserved settings. 

Mohmand provides workshops on cultural competency to healthcare professionals to bridge the gap of inequality in healthcare and help all individuals have better access to quality healthcare. She also delivers preventive health workshops and lectures to underserved populations in the Salt Lake Valley.