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Frontiers in Precision Medicine November Webinar

lincoln_nadauld.jpgFrontiers in Precision Medicine Webinar Series

What: "HerediGene: Population Study" presented by Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD
Vice President and Chief of Precision Health Intermountain Healthcare.

When: November 10, 2020, 2-3 PM

Where: Zoom link: or Zoom Meeting ID: 930 3625 3695 | Passcode 003028

Lincoln Nadauld, MD, PhD, is Vice President and Chief of Precision Health at Intermountain Healthcare, where he oversees the clinical implementation of Precision Genomics across Intermountain's 24 hospitals and 160 physician clinics. Dr. Nadauld conceived of and is leading the recently announced HerediGene Population Study, a
collaborative effort with deCODE Genetics in Iceland to collect and perform whole-genome sequencing on 500,000 participants in the Intermountain system. His work in founding Intermountain Precision Genomics was recognized with the Utah  Governor's 32nd Annual Science Medal for Industry.

Click here for the event flyer.