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Building a Global Force in Public Health, a "Light to all the World"

When people wonder why the University of Utah is spending time and resources cultivating relationships with countries like Ghana -- or China and Korea -- I tell them: Because having a global presence helps us think differently about health care, and enables us to apply global innovations locally, benefitting everyone in our community.

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U. Geneticists Unlocking Nature’s Mysteries and Clues to Life Saving Treatments

A University of Utah study published in Nature Genetics is the first to document how genes build the diaphragm. This is important, writes New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer, because the diaphragm appears to have played a pivotal role in our evolution as a species. It also helps explain what goes wrong in babies born with a catastrophic birth defect know as a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH).

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Research is not for the Faint of Heart

Imagine being a young scientist today. A steady drumbeat of authority figures have encouraged you to pursue science and technology. You’re told there’s a shortage of people trained to work in these fields. But by the time you finish your graduate work, you learn there are more Ph.D.’s than there is funding to support them––that your federal grant application has a one in six chance of getting funded.

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