Pioneering the Future: Better Health for Populations

Feb 10, 2021 11:45 AM

Author: University of Utah Health

Researchers at University of Utah Health keep their eyes on the big picture by tackling population-sized problems and ensuring their efforts add up to substantial impacts on public health. Better Health for Populations demonstrates how creating interventions and understanding behavior are making a differnece for tens of thousands to millions. These stories are part of Pioneering the Future, a campaign celebrating high-impact discoveries made by today's scientists.

Ask, Advise, Connect - Being proactive matters. That's what scientists at Huntsman Cancer Institute have found. Ask, Advise, Connect is a program that nudges providers to connect people who smoke to quitlines. The innovative approach improves uptake by an incredible 30-fold, and it is now a national best practice that saves lives.

Clinical Support in an App - Sometimes decisionmaking needs a boost. With Bili Ap—co-created by biomedical informaticists and pediatricians—health care providers can more easily identify bilirubin in newborns that causes jaundice, saving time and improving care. 

The Impact of Choice - Recent policy changes mean veterans have expanding options for health care. Data from more than a million surveys are measuring the impact of choice. They show that simply having options isn't enough. Choices are only beneficial if they fill veterans’ needs. 

Blood Pressure Reset - What a difference a few points makes. An impressive body of research contributed to changing national blood pressure guidelines, reducing risk of heart disease, stroke and cognitive impairment for millions. 

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