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Pioneering the Future: Redefining Diabetes



Redefining Diabetes tells the tales of four paradigm-shifting accomplishments that are unraveling the complexities of the disease, revealing previously unrecognized opportunities for intervention. These stories are from Pioneering the Futurea campaign celebrating high-impact discoveries made by today's scientists at University of Utah Health.

Rethinking Obesity - Scientists have uncovered a surprising connection between the immune system and weight gain. Abnormalities in the body’s immune system can lead to obesity by affecting which types of bacteria (microbiota) live in the gut. 

The New Cholesterol - Buildup of a type of fat called ceramides could be a better indicater of poor metabolic health than cholesterol. The discovery has led to testing of drug candidates that could prevent or treat diabetes and other metabolic conditions by blocking ceramide production.

Improved Insulin, Inspired by the Sea - A fast-acting hybrid insulin made from strategic parts of the human and marine snail versions of the hormone could improve the lives of those with diabetes.

Complex Causes of Type 1 Diabetes - Research shows that when the body abnormally produces Frankenstein-like versions of insulin fused with other proteins, the immune system attacks and destroys pancreatic beta-islet cells, leading to a new understanding of causes of the disease.