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Huntsman Cancer Foundation Agreement FAQ


How will this agreement impact patient care?

The patient has always been, and will continue to be, the central focus of University of Utah Health and Huntsman Cancer Institute. In fact, patients can rest assured that this new agreement reinforces the level of care patients can expect.

Will I still be able to see the same provider?

This new agreement has no bearing on what providers patients see. Patients will continue to receive the same high-quality cancer care they've always received, and they will still work with the same providers and cancer care team of experts.

Will this agreement have any impact on the Institute’s ability to deliver on its mission?

This agreement strengthens the Institute by allowing it to stay connected to the University while maintaining the level of independence it needs to deliver on its mission.

What will the financial impact be on University Hospitals & Clinics? Will the agreement affect patients elsewhere in the U of U Health System outside of Huntsman Cancer Institute?

The financial strength of the University of Utah health care system has never been better.The University health care system provides cutting-edge clinical care for more patients from all income levels, with better outcomes, and greater patient satisfaction. Additionally, University’s health sciences research output has never been stronger.

Are HCI and the University of Utah two different entities now?

No. HCI will continue to be an operating unit of the University of Utah. The cancer hospital at HCI will continue to operate under the license of U of U Health. Both parties recognize that the presence of HCI at the University is a unique ‘value add’ for both the University and the cancer center, and this mutually beneficial relationship serves to strengthen the larger enterprise and indeed the state of Utah.

Why did the U of U and HCI suddenly feel like a renegotiated agreement was necessary?

The University of Utah and Huntsman Cancer Foundation have enjoyed many years of a positive working relationship. During this latest negotiation the focus has always remained on what's best for patients. We are confident this newest agreement keeps that focus intact.