University Hospital NICU Gets Some Color

Feb 05, 2014 12:00 AM

Author: Office of Public Affairs

The Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University Hospital is looking a bit more colorful after a University of Utah mural painting class took over a wall of the NICU and created a colorful world for families to escape and get lost in. 

The students spent an entire semester (16 weeks) completing the colorful mural that spans an entire hallway from floor to ceiling, and offers families and employees alike a vibrant work to brighten their day.


Student's Art

University of Utah art student adds a final touch to one of the animals included in the colorful mural.

Just 3 of the 13 students, one teaching graduate student and their professor worked on the mural.

It took the team of 15 an entire semester (16 weeks) to complete the mural.

The mural spans across an entire hallway from floor to ceiling.

"As the cluster of toys rolls down the hill, it gains in both size and speed until it is met by a gathering of animals, of all types, said V. Kim Martinez, associate professor of painting and drawing at The University of Utah. "The congregation of animals becomes a metaphor for the phrase 'it takes collective momentum,' to remind parents, siblings, nurses, doctors, that the well-being of children is a combined effort of all who provide care."

A cornucopia of paint brushes fill a bucket on the floor in the NICU.

A rhinoceros gets a final touch up by a member of the group.