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NIH Highlighted Funding Opportunities | April 2024

NINDS Program Project Grant (P01 Clinical Trial Optional)

This notice of funding opportunity announcement (NOFO) is issued by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to enable submission of program project grant applications that propose conducting innovative, interactive research to answer significant scientific questions that are important for the mission of NINDS, via a synergistic collaboration between outstanding scientists who might not otherwise collaborate. The program project grant is designed to support research in which the funding of several interdependent highly meritorious projects as a group offers significant scientific advantages over support of these same projects as individual research grants. 

Specialized Programs of Research Excellence (SPOREs) in Cancer Health Disparities and Minority Health (CHD-MH) (U54 Clinical Trial Optional)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) invites applications for U54 Specialized Programs of Research Excellence in Cancer Health Disparities and Minority Health (CHD-MH SPOREs). The program will fund a network of multidisciplinary, multi-institutional U54 CHD-MH SPOREs uniquely focused on health disparities and/or minority health translational research for improved prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer in populations who are underserved (and/or underrepresented). U54 CHD-MH SPOREs can investigate more than one cancer type in underserved populations, including groups of highly related cancers (e.g., gastrointestinal, neuroendocrine, and head and neck). The research supported through this program must be translational and must stem from knowledge of human biology, addressing the interplay of various determinants of health with the biology of the disease. U54 CHD-MH SPORE projects must have the goal of reaching a translational human endpoint within the project period of the grant. 

Adaptation of Diabetes Control Technologies for Older Adults with T1D (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

The main objective of this NOFO is to foster development and testing of technologies adaptable to aging-related changes in older adults (aged 65 years or older) with T1D to improve diabetes management and quality of life. Older adults may have increased vulnerability to hypoglycemia, cognitive impairment and/or multiple co-morbidities which may affect the risks and benefits of these technologies in this population. Projects will be funded to a) develop and test new technologies and b) to adapt and test existing technologies. It is expected that aging-adaptive diabetes technologies that address barriers for use among older adults with T1D will improve usability, adoption and adherence decreasing the risk of hypoglycemia (and hypoglycemia unawareness) while enhancing glycemic control, facilitating better diabetes management, and improving quality of life for these individuals and their caregivers. 

NHLBI Early Phase Clinical Trials for Therapeutics and/or Diagnostics for HLBS Disorders (R61/R33 Clinical Trial Required)

The objective of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to support investigator-initiated, Phase I clinical trials for diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for heart, lung, blood, and sleep (HLBS) disorders in adults and children. In addition to supporting clinical trial start-up and implementation activities, this NOFO will provide support for final stage preclinical activities needed for the implementation of the proposed trial. All the activities proposed in the R61 phase must be directly related to the therapeutic/diagnostic in preparation for the clinical trial. The proposed trial can be single or multi-site. This NOFO will utilize a bi-phasic, milestone-driven mechanism of award where the first phase can be used to finalize required pre-trial activities such as stability, shipping studies, and site training.  

Research to Advance the Science of Primary Care (R01)

The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to build evidence about the characteristics and value of primary care that influence patient outcomes and advance health equity, such as care coordination, continuity of care, and comprehensiveness of care, person-centered, whole healthcare, and trust, and how these can be improved and effectively delivered to strengthen primary healthcare.

Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases (CREID) Network (U01 Clinical Trial Not Allowed)

The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to invite applications for the Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases (CREID) Network Research Centers (RCs). The CREID Network, comprised of all recipients under this NOFO and the companion NOFO [RFA-AI-24-016], serves to expand knowledge on re-emerging and emerging infectious diseases (re/EIDs) around the globe where outbreaks are most likely to occur while developing expertise, capacity, and readiness to address outbreak-related research. Multi- and interdisciplinary teams of domestic and international investigators will conduct innovative, collaborative, hypothesis-driven One Health (approach that recognizes the health of humans is interconnected with that of animal health and the shared environment) based research, will undertake outbreak-related research when necessary in their geographical areas, and will work across the CREID Network in a coordinated, collaborative, and cooperative fashion. 

NIH Director’s Transformative Research Awards (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)

The NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award supports individual scientists or groups of scientists proposing bold, groundbreaking, exceptionally innovative, original, and/or unconventional research with the potential to create new scientific paradigms, establish entirely new and improved clinical approaches, or develop transformative technologies. To support innovative and novel research across the vast NIH mission, individuals from diverse backgrounds (including those from underrepresented groups; see Notice of NIH’s Interest in Diversity) and from the full spectrum of eligible institutions in all geographic locations are encouraged to apply to this Notice of Funding Opportunity. Applications in all topics relevant to the broad mission of NIH are welcome in all topic areas relevant to the broad mission of NIH, including, but not limited to, behavioral, social, biomedical, applied, and formal sciences and topics that may involve basic, translational, or clinical research. No preliminary data are required. Projects must clearly demonstrate, based on the strength of the logic, a compelling potential to produce a major impact in a broad area of relevance to the NIH. The NIH Director’s Transformative Research Award is a component of the High-Risk, High-Reward Research (HRHR) Program of the NIH Common Fund.