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Science as Art

The organ of sound in color
"The Organ of Sound in Color" by Shubham Kale. The cochlea of a 12-day-old mouse. The colors mark specific cells within the ear.
"Image-Biofilms" by Matthew Mulvey. Biofilms formed by normal or mutated E. coli bacterial strains.
Soft Cell
"Soft Cell" by Janet Lindsley.
Minding the Brain
"Minding the Brain" by Justin Campbell.
Cakes's Anatomy
"Cakes's Anatomy" by Kendra Klag.
COLONial Life
"COLONial Life" by Ty Chiaro.
Neuronal Crab
"Neuronal Crab" by Omar Shennib.
Sires of the protective sentinels
"Sires of the Protective Sentinels" by Donn Van Deren.
Yin-Yang Biofilm
"Yin-Yang Biofilm" by Alexis Rousek.
A Virulent Virus Muddles Muscle
"A Virulent Virus Muddles Muscle" Mya Scheib.