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AAMC 2013 Preview: State of Physician Workforce Report


AAMC projects a shortage of 90,000+ physicians by end of the decade. Today, 2 p.m., in room 121, Clese Erikson, Senior Director of the AAMC’s Center for Workforce Studies will present the latest data and discuss implications for care delivery.

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Salopek: My name is Jennifer Salopek. I'm managing editor of the Wing of Zock blog, and I'm talking today with Clese Erikson, the Director of the Center for Workforce Studies at the AAMC.

Tomorrow you're going to be delivering the annual report on the state of the physician workforce. Do you care to give us a preview?

Erikson: Sure. I'm going to be talking about the real challenges that we face in understanding what our future workforce needs are. The AAMC has projected that we're facing a shortage of up to 90,000 physicians by the end of the decade, and we're in the midst of major healthcare transformation at the moment.

Hotspotting is one of the elements that we're focusing on, and it's one of the tools that's being used to support accountable care organizations and it's being used to really transform how care is being delivered.

It's going to have a profound influence on our future workforce needs that really need to be better understood.

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