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The Intersection of Medicine and Life: Monthly Reading Group

Jan 25, 2018

Once a month, the Physicians Literature and Medicine Group gathers in a book-club setting to engage in candid, yet thoughtful discussions. The focus—close readings that combine literature and medicine. Anyone in Health Sciences with a curious mind and a penchant for reading can attend.

Readings span a wide range of topics, but oftentimes contain narratives that round back to an aspect of medicine, science, or healthcare. Curated books have broad appeal: ranging from fiction to non-fiction, poetry to memoirs. This year’s reading list is available online.

This program is supported by Medical Ethics and Humanities, which is part of the Division of General Internal Medicine. While ethics are not the focus, ethical considerations can come up in conversation. Different perspectives merge and emphasize medicine in a much broader social context.

The narrative lens illuminates the human side of medicine and presents the group with a myriad of matters to consider. Readers glean insights into the plight of others. What motivates human actions? While also acknowledging human strength, weakness, and resiliency. 

Readers begin to understand the human experience, which helps them interpret and act in their own day-to-day situations.

The group exposes readers to various ideas and opinions. A meeting might start with a certain question, but oftentimes the discussion takes on an unexpected direction. This is a place where you can freely share your honest thoughts and feelings, as different as they might be from others, which makes it such a trusted space,” said Linda Carr-Lee Faix, academic program manager of Medical Ethics and Humanities.

In the end, the Physicians Literature and Medicine Group offers participants a chance to explore diverse situations and propels thinking beyond personal viewpoints. For more information about the group please visit the Medical Ethics and Humanities website.