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Our Commitment to Health for All

We are determined to research, challenge, and eradicate health disparities in care delivery, outcomes, and employment. We’re working to proactively and creatively develop institutional actions, policies, and funding mechanisms that extend support for University of Utah’s values-driven mission. We’re excited about working with the community to deliver care that leads to equal outcomes to people of all backgrounds. 

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Culture, Belonging, & Connection

We believe society thrives when we empower people from all backgrounds to succeed and live their healthiest lives. That begins by incorporating more connection and belonging in our workplaces. We're building pathways for all people to establish careers with us, investing in our community to create jobs and help rebuild economies, and listening to colleagues and patients to learn from their experiences moving forward. We’re committed to being the advocates and partners in the change we all want to see in the world.

News & Updates

Providing Dental Care to Patients Observing Ramadan

How can dentists provide culturally sensitive care to patients during the month of Ramadan so that fasting doesn't have a negative impact on their oral health?

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Community Health Workers Are Essential to Medical Education

The U's new MD program includes community health workers as both partners and preceptors helping medical students understand how to better collaborate in clinic.

Best Practices for Care

Improving Cardiovascular Health for People in Need

The Utah South Asian Cardiovascular Health Initiative (U-SACHI) helps community members learn practical, relevant, and evidence-based ways to improve their health.

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Institutional Initiatives

University of Utah Health is deeply committed to enhancing the success of all faculty, students, and staff, as part of our broader goal to enrich the educational experiences and success of members of our university community. Working in concert with  University of Utah Health's Office of Health Sciences Workforce Excellence, the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine's Office of Academic Culture and Community, and other offices, our leaders, experts, and educators are creating a safe and welcoming campus climate. 

Health Sciences Workforce Excellence

The mission of the Office for Health Sciences Workforce Excellence is to create a culture where people of all backgrounds can thrive at University of Utah Health. Click here for a full list of resources and initiatives.

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