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Since our humble beginnings as a two-year medical school in 1905, University of Utah Health has grown to become the only academic medical center serving the Mountain West. With five schools and colleges, the Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, five hospitals and 11 community health care centers, 24,000 dedicated team members, a $428 million research enterprise, and a 253,000-member health plan, we have a clear and exciting path forward.

Our system has grown by 33% in the last five years, training 1,460 health care providers in 2021 and contributing $208 million in community philanthropic support. We’re also proud that our efforts create a significant economic contribution to the state of Utah including directly and indirectly supporting 47,500 jobs and infusing $3.9 billion into the Utah economy.

School of Dentistry Class of 2026

Schools and Colleges

College of Health

"More health, less medicine." That's the mantra of the University of Utah College of Health, whose work focuses on keeping people healthy, fit, and resilient.

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College of Nursing

Nursing is fundamentally, historically, and passionately about the health of communities. The very roots of the profession are intertwined with public health, law, and social services.

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College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy defines the cutting edge of research in the discovery, development, and delivery of new drug therapies—all to improve community health outcomes.

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School of Dentistry

The newest of University of Utah's schools and colleges, the School of Dentistry is committed to improving the oral health of ever Utahns from all backgrounds, in every part of the state.

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Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine

On top of cutting-edge clinical and research advances across its 115-year history, the medical school now leads the way for community collaboration at the University of Utah with hundreds of outreach and engagement initiatives.

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Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library

For hundreds of years, the academic library has played an important role as the symbolic and physical heart of a university. That’s reflected at EHSL, which is centrally located between the other five schools and colleges at University of Utah Health.

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