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Our Community Partners

Healthy Start

At University of Utah Health, our mission is to advance the health of our communities. As an academic health center, our purpose is to make people’s lives better. Those are ambitious goals—impossible to achieve alone. That’s because the health of individuals is not solely determined by what happens inside our clinics, hospitals, research labs, and classrooms. Rather, it’s connected to a whole host of factors, including the neighborhood we live in, the air we breathe, the money we make, the school we attend, and the color of our skin.

As we shape a new strategic vision for University of Utah Health, the needs of our community are guiding our direction. While maintaining a focus on excellence in patient care, education, and research, we also believe it’s essential to add community health as a fourth pillar of our mission and partner with populations to improve quality of life across Utah and the region.

Our Campus Partners

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Our Academic Partners

Healthy Start

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