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Community Impact

An Anchor for the Future

Hospitals and clinics are major economic drivers for communities. As a member of the national Healthcare Anchor Network, U of U Health has a vested interest in making communities safe, vibrant, healthy, and stable. As we define a strategic plan for the next five years, we are committed to using our economic and human resource assets to have greater impact on the communities we serve. Working hand-in-hand with Utahns of all backgrounds is vital to the community's long-term health—and our future as an institution.

Measuring Impact

We're creating a central repository to track community engagement activity campuswide. The repository will help us combine and coordinate efforts to have greater impact while aligning these efforts with the strategic priorities of the community and the university. It will also improve our ability to assess the impact of our community engagement and more effectively communicate positive health outcomes. 


Statewide Initiatives

Native American Health

Approximately 60,000 American Indian and Alaska Native Peoples live in Utah. As a state institution, the University of Utah is committed to serving Indigenous communities throughout Utah in partnership with Native Nations and our Urban Indian communities through research, education, and community outreach activities.

Explore the American Indian Resource Center

U West Valley

U West Valley is a partnership between the University of Utah and the West Valley community. Together, we are working to improve health and well-being, increase education opportunities and career pathways, and create positive long-term social change by building a multi-specialty health center and hospital to provide world-class care to West Valley and the surrounding communities.

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Population Health Center

On October 12, 2023, the University of Utah and state representatives celebrated the opening of the Population Health Center. Located in the Rose Park community of Salt Lake City, the center is a collaborative effort between the university, state, and community. Together, we are building a sustainable model of care tailored for those who need it most.

Learn More About the Population Health Center

West High School Clinic

The Department of Pediatrics at University of Utah has partnered with the Salt Lake City School District and the Salt Lake Education Foundation to create a school-based health center (SBHC) located on campus at West High School campus. Staffed by University of Utah Health employees, the clinic will address the physical, mental, and behavioral health needs of patients ages 12-19. 

Explore the West High School Clinic