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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Ending Systemic Racism and Restoring Equity

Our community cannot truly thrive until every Utahn has equal access to the essential elements of living a healthy life. One of the greatest threats to our patients, friends, and families is systemic racism and the inequities caused by it. We believe that systemic anti-Black racism is a public health crisis. That’s why, as a steward of the health of our community, we’re committed to restoring equity and championing anti-racism across our organization.

To make a real difference, we must start with ourselves, committing to becoming ardent anti-racists. An anti-racist institution is one that thoughtfully examines every opportunity for inclusion (admissions, hiring, resident matching, etc.) and eliminates every policy that may permit racism. We’re working to restore equity on every level—from empowering and investing in Black communities and other communities of color to strengthening policies that counter racism and bias and supporting programs that promote social justice.

Most importantly, we vow to listen. We’re committed to learning from patients, colleagues, and community partners who best model anti-racism so that we can be better allies and advocates for the change we want to see in the world. Anti-racism is not easy, but it’s important. We can start with the following declaration: Black Lives Matter.

News & Updates

When to Access Care

Primary care, urgent care, or emergency room? Understand the costs, locations, and hours associated with each options. (Ver en español)

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Support Our Youth

LGBTQ+ youth are at significantly higher risk for suicide, and parents and providers need to know how to help with gender-affirming care.

Best Practices for Care

Bridging the Gap

The non-profit organization Black Physicians of Utah works to increase the number of Black clinicians in the state through retention and recruitment. 

Building Community

Institutional Initiatives

University of Utah Health is deeply committed to enhancing the success of diverse faculty, students, and staff, as part of our broader goal to enrich the educational experiences and success of all members of our university community. Working in concert with University of Utah's Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, University of Utah Health's Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, the School of Medicine's Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, our leaders, experts, and educators drive the effort to create a safe and welcoming campus climate following the system initiatives detailed below. 

Toward Anti-Racism as a Shared Value

At University of Utah Health, we look at ourselves as part of an excellent institution. But excellence is impossible without equity—and equity is impossible unless we eliminate systemic racism.

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Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The mission of the Office for Health Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion is to create a culture where also addressing health and education inequities within University of Utah Health. 

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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

University of Utah's Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is deeply committed to enhancing the success of diverse faculty, students, and staff, as part of our broader goal to enrich the educational experiences and success of all members of our university community.

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Curated list of ongoing initiatives and resources below; click here for the full archive.

    EDI Executive Committee - The EDI Executive Committee was created to inform, guide, and coordinate addressing racist policies and long-standing practices that perpetuate racism and inequity on our campus.

    Women in Health, Medicine, & Science - To ensure that the “sky is the limit” for all professionals regardless of gender, the Women in Health, Medicine, & Science (WiHMS) endeavors to promote faculty development, mentoring, and advocacy of women faculty in all stages of their careers to ultimately create a climate that fosters the success of all faculty, regardless of gender.

    Black Patient Voices - Article: The crises of Covid-19 and police brutality have highlighted systemic racial inequity in the United States and the need to consciously dismantle the forces that cause racial health disparities. PA students Scarlett Reyes and Jocelyn Cortez brought together Black patients at the University of Utah to share their experiences.

    School of Medicine Anti-Racism Commission - On June 12, 2020. Dr. Good formed the Anti-Racism Commission (ARC) and met with students on June 24, 2020. The recommendations encompass four major domains: 1) Law enforcement; 2) Admissions; 3) Support for Black, Indigenous, and/or Persons of Color; and 4) Curriculum. Click here to report a racist or bias incident and for more anti-racism resources (podcasts, videos, articles).

    MEDiversity Week - The mission of MEDiversity Week is to highlight the equity, diversity, and inclusion work within University of Utah Health; while addressing health care disparities, offering solutions for the training of our current and future providers, and hosting discussions on how to continually advocate for equity and inclusion in our daily personal and professional lives.

    COVID-19 en español - Information sobre coronavirus y como encontrar un proveedor de la vacuna COVID-19 cerca de useted. 

    Tres Preguntas + Tres Cosas videos - Collection de videos sobre COVID-19. Escuche a los médicos hablar sobre tres cosas que debe saber.

    Redwood Health Center (la clínica que habla español) - Nuestra clínica que habla Español ofrece servicios de atención primaria a los pacientes que prefieren un proveedor de atención de la salud que habla español. Nuestros profesionales de la salud no sólo habla su idioma, pero también están familiarizados con las preferencias culturales comunes de nuestros pacientes y sus familias que hablan español.

    U of U Health Plans en español - U of U Health Plans se compromete a mejorar la experiencia de los miembros, la calidad de la atención, la salud de la población y a reducir el costo de la atención. Actualmente atendemos a miembros en Mountain West que se especializan en la administración de planes de salud de beneficios médicos, de salud mental y de farmacia.

    Transgender Health Program - The Trans Health Program at University of Utah Health brings quality healthcare to trans adults and teens from all walks of life. We welcome all identities and expressions seeking our services. We understand that every trans or gender diverse person’s experience is unique. Our doctors will be there to give you endless support wherever your journey takes you.

    Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (SOGI) - Research shows that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other sexual or gender minority (LGBTQ+) people have unique health needs that are different from the rest of the population. They also experience significant health disparities and barriers to accessing health care services. Capturing SOGI information of patients helps our system deliver appropriate health services to LGBTQ+ people as well as all of our patients.

    Human Rights Campaign Health Equity Index - Article: "Every year, HRC recognizes the health care facilities that participate in the HEI for their dedication and commitment to LGBTQ inclusion. HRC also extends its deepest gratitude to these facilities for their courageous fight against COVID-19 and their commitment to addressing racism and injustice." Read More to learn about the progress reflected in the 2020 HEI.