Selection of WiHMS Steering Committee

  1. The WiHMS steering committee members are selected by the open application call to faculty members of the Health Science community. The call for application is sent by the beginning of March each year for the opening position. 
  2. The Nominating Committee (see Articles VI) shall select a slate of candidates and participate in the interview process. The committee consensus makes the final selection. The nominating committee chair notifies new WiHMS steering committee members to the director of the OHEDI.
  3. When a WiHMS steering committee member position falls vacant because of illness, resignation, removal with or without cause, or disability, the WiHMS steering committee shall appoint a replacement to complete the term in progress.
  4. The term of WiHMS steering committee appointments is three years. At least 25% of the members rotate off each year.


Yoshimi Anzai, MD, MPH

Amanda V. Bakian, PhD

Women in Health, Medicine, & Science Co-Directors

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