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Mission, Vision, Strategy, Goals & Objectives

To ensure that the “sky is the limit” for all professionals regardless of gender, the WiHMS endeavors to promote faculty development, mentoring and advocacy of women faculty in all stages of their careers to ultimately create a climate that fosters the success of all faculty, regardless of gender.


To advocate for women faculty at all stages of their career.


To promote gender equity and inclusivity in medicine, health, and sciences including the equal opportunity for the advancement of women faculty at the University of Utah and in the state of Utah.


  • Foster career advancement and faculty development through AAMC Early and Mid-Career Women awards and other career development awards within the University of Utah Health campus.
  • Provide a monthly event on the topics that are critical for women in healthcare professions.
  • Closely collaborate with women advocates from the University of Utah’s main campus to advance the gender equity agenda.

Goals & Objectives

  • To support sponsorship and mentorship for faculty and healthcare students.
  • To provide an opportunity for cross-campus networking and collaboration.  
  • To advocate for parental and family support.
  • To advocate for gender equity and inclusivity across health professionals.