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Citing the 3i Initiative

The 3i Initiative is happy to have our members represent the initiative. Please see the areas below for details on how to cite and/or mention the initiative. 

    The Immunology, Inflammation, and Infectious Disease Initiative can be used as an affiliation on all publications and presentations by the 3i community members. We ask that you use the full Initiative name and not 3i Initiative when space allows.

    Our preferred text is: This work was supported by the Immunology, Inflammation, and Infectious Disease Initiative at the University of Utah.

    The 3i Initiative is happy to provide written materials to be included in grant applications. We have standard language that can be provided immediately. If a letter of support or more detailed information is needed, please contact Nicole Frank, PhD, Associate Director.

    The Initiative has also created 3i/U Health Sciences branded word and PowerPoint templates. These may be used as appropriate when representing the Initiative. Please contact Nicole Frank, PhD, Associate Director, for these files.